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My name is Jessica.
Welcome to my haven.

Beginning in August, I will be slightly inactive due to being a full time student and working.

• flirty • animal lover •
• hot-headed • athletic •
• commitment issues •

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i’m so weird. i have three tattoos so far (they’re all pretty big too) and plan to cover my body in tattoos, yet i hate tattoos on sims. I have no fucking idea why they just bother me????


Issac, Augustus’ brother, showed up at the party sporting some lovely pigtails


Peaches: I had a good time with you this weekend.

Dylan: Hey, so did I.

Peaches: We should keep hanging out like this?

Dylan: Uh, yeah. We should.

turns out these two both suck at water balloon fights

And then I forgot about Charles’ birthday as well.

Ew, you’re old.

cat rly just chills and sleeps wherever he can find a companion

Skye: Peaches?

Peaches: Yeah.

Skye: Why is there a cat sitting on the counter?

Peaches: Oh. That’s Cat. He’s ours now.

Skye: Sigh. Just keep the litter box cleaned.

Peaches kept rolling wishes to adopt a kitty so I eventually caved in and she adopted this cat whom, according to Savannah, I named Cat. So there you go.

these two have calmed down a lot in life and just spend a lot of time playing chess together (‘∀’●)♡

Sigh does anybody know good skins for dark skinnies? None of my skins work well with non-lighter skin..