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Hello! I'm Jessica, an avid player of the sims. You can find my livejournal here.

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Anonymous ━

Is there any reason you have lesbians in your game but not gay males? Just curious :3

this picture scarred me for life when I was like 12 alright

seeing males pregnant weirds me the fuck out 

this picture ruined me

Well, I got out of the 9 hour shift I took. Kid took his own shift back thank god. And my mom was upset that my sister and I were sad over our grandma so she’s currently hiding easter eggs in the back yard filled with coins and dollar bills. She’s so cute sometimes ;A; and we’re gonna have a big dinner. Family is so good to have sometimes.

Anonymous ━

try downloading Alocasia by Saphfire Sims so you can experience IP with less lag :)

Oh my god, thank you so much. You’re a life saver.

Tomorrow was going to be my last Easter with my grandma but the doctors said her heart can’t handle the excitement so instead I just took a 10 hour shift at work. Bleh. Was hoping for one more holiday with her.

Isla Paradiso or w/e is laggy as fuck. Holy mother of god. My game has never lagged like this before.

My mom is downstairs yelling at the office over the phone about interrupting my education to make a big fit over a hole in my jeans while the cheerleaders are permitted to wear mini skirts. I’ve never heard her yell so loud at the office in my life lol. The school hates me and my sister because my mom always defends us when they try to get us in  trouble for stupid shit like this. Like freshman year my sister was being bullied, got punched, and punched back and they tried expelling my sister. My mom has never stormed into an office to scream at somebody so fast. I just hate my school.





I wish you were able to make Sims racist, sexist, and homophobic.

ok honestly why did you post this. Don’t you have final say over someone who submits a confession?

This is the worst confession I have ever read and should not have been published, just saying. You have lost my respect Simsconfessions I shall promptly unfollow.


I’d consider this a pretty hateful confession..

Got sent home to change for having holes in my jeans on my knees while the cheerleaders are prancing around in mini skirts. I hope they don’t think I’m coming back to school lmfao. I hate my town it’s corrupt and plays favorites in school. My dad even told me to skip. Fuck my town. I can’t wait to graduate in 6 weeks

Anonymous ━

your new sim is gorgeous c:

Thank you so much c:

I’ve just been staring at her face because I can’t figure if I like it or not

Fiddled around in CAS and made a new sim, though I’m not sure how I feel about her. Especially her lips ;A;

I’m trying to play the sims and test out Island Paradise but my mom’s 16 pound cat rather turn me into a jungle gym

I love when people post personal stuff on here and share some of their lives but I hate when people post politics or depressing pictures like animal or child abuse ;-; like I use my simblr and sims to escape reality and pretend life isn’t so sad and it just kinda momentarily ruins it when I scroll down and see it.