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My name is Jessica.
Welcome to my haven.

Beginning in August, I will be slightly inactive due to being a full time student and working.

• flirty • animal lover •
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Dylan spent the night ((but they were good kiddies)) and said goodbye to Peaches the next morning as he intended to skip school aww

the showers in a can 10/10

love them

absolutely recommend

I swear to god, if these wrinkles get any deeper..

And then I forgot about Skye’s birthday so she aged into an adult with a bad viewing angle and in the dark :((

okay it might not seem like much but charles is my first sim to meditate ever!! i’m such a bad simmer!!

Came home from class and this cutie was all up in her tank slithering around so now instead of homework I’m cuddling with her and letting her climb all over my face

you work on that martial arts bb

Dylan: Take this!

HAH! No, take this revenge!

Dylan: Oof. Damnit!

Peaches: What the hell, Dylan?


Peaches: I’m the girl, you’re supposed to let me win!

sound familiar much

ok queue loaded up for like 5 days and i should have time .. within a few weeks to play. idk. probably soon. i have monday off from everything bc labor day so there’s that 

Skye: Well, I did spend money on your dress. And it is a pretty big night for my baby.

So I’m not grounded?

Skye: Nah, you’re off the hook. Let’s go get your dress on.

Thank you mom.

Skye: I still expect the dishes to be washed and put away for a week.

Skye: Your best excuse is that a cute teenage boy CONVINCED YOU because you were BORED?! You are grounded beyond your wildest imagination.

Grounded? Mom, you can’t. Tonight’s prom and you already helped me pick out my outfit! Please, please, please, let me off of the hook? I’ll do dishes for a week.

Skye: What the hell, Peaches?! Is there any reason your father and I were pulled home from a free vacation because of a disturbance call?

Well, um, I was bored of playing with the lizards and Dylan convinced me to throw a party.