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Hello! I'm Jessica, an avid player of the sims. You can find my livejournal here.

athletic • flirty • animal lover
• hot-headed • loves the outdoors •

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I’ve just been staring at her face because I can’t figure if I like it or not

Fiddled around in CAS and made a new sim, though I’m not sure how I feel about her. Especially her lips ;A;

I’m trying to play the sims and test out Island Paradise but my mom’s 16 pound cat rather turn me into a jungle gym

I love when people post personal stuff on here and share some of their lives but I hate when people post politics or depressing pictures like animal or child abuse ;-; like I use my simblr and sims to escape reality and pretend life isn’t so sad and it just kinda momentarily ruins it when I scroll down and see it.

Quickly threw together a set of rugs for my sims’ home. No preview pictures because I’m not gonna go in game, take preview pictures, leave game to upload this then go back in game.. and they’re rugs, you all know what my rugs look like by now. Typical 2x3 rug. Here’s an example of the rug mesh I always use, if you really wanna see.

Download includes both .sims3pack & .package files and the swatch. All files have been compressed and tested in-game.

mediafire / will upload box later

Can i have your gay sim? I'll put him/her into my game, since the majority of my sims end up being gay/bisexual

Here’s her tag and here’s her download :)

Anonymous ━

i don't like your gay sim

spoiled royalty

Got my best friend since I was probably around 12 to make a simblr. Go show her some love ♥

Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

My favorite sim is definitely Marill from the Lucero legacy ♥ she was cute, had afunny attitude, and was my favorite sim to play. Her generation was my favorite solely because of her.

  • She’s one of three triplets named after pokemn-Marill, Eeve, and Riolu
  • She was my first rebellious teenager, really. Always wanting to prank, steal, skip school, refused to do her fucking homework. Bb was always grounded.
  • Her and her wife Wren were my first gay couple in the legacy and were my favorite Lucero couple 
  • She was definitely my most talented sim - she maxed out fishing, handiness, charisma, inventing.. other skills. Mama knew everything.
  • She was my oldest sim, dying at 104 days (I think, somewhere around there), and I usually don’t get emotional when sims die but I was actually a bit upset over her death ;~;

Thank you for the ask bb, anybody that wants to is invited by me to do this ♥

Bought and downloaded IP. Gonna explore a bit c:

Gamestop is having a sale ($10 off any select EP/SP) and I was wondering if I should get Island Paradise since it’s only $20 or is not really worth the money?